Human Resources


The company relies in these purposes of the human wealth that it joined immediately upon its establishment all of these global experiences with major companies.


These human resources are distinguished by skill and experience with scientific and practical progress in various fields weather under or above water in oil and gas fields.

It is worth that all the personnel joined the company are significant contributors in all major egyptian and arab companies that hold great experiences in the field of marine and petroleum services.

It may occur to mind that the company’s age is too-short compared to the amount of activities and business.

The truth declares and shows that our company has started its first step, and possesses many elements of success represented in owning a services boat m/v balteem (1).

This is due to the fact that our company started its first steps with necessary elements of success being modern equipment’s and skillful, trained and qualified personnel.

Thus, said elements assisted to start a remarkable company.

Health and safety are seeking to protect the company’s properties and human resources, in addition, to gain a necessary credit at the risky oil and gas fields.